Friday, August 17, 2012

Funny Things To Do on The First Day of School

It's the first day of school and summer has came to a close. You are seeing people you haven't seen all summer and meeting new people while you are roaming the halls for your new classes and meeting your new teachers/professors. If you want to do something crazy on your first day, here is a list of things that you can do to add a little extra excitement to your first day. *WARNING: This may effect your first impressions with people that you just met.* 1. When the teacher is going over the syllabus, randomly start whistling. If the teacher looks at you, say, "I like to whistle while I work." 2. Ask your neighbor if you and him/her could switch seats seconds after class starts. 3. Walk into class 10 minutes late. Say to the teacher, "Sorry I'm late, I just had to have that "special moment" with some people I ran into." 4. Bring a three course meal into class and try to eat it. If the teacher tells you to put it away, put it away and proceed to munch away 5 minutes later. 5. When the teacher is going over the supply list, ask if Wii Fit should be on the supply list. 6. When the class moves on to the next "first day task", say, "Letsa go!" Mario style. 7. If you are taking a pretest on your first day, put in a bunch of random answers. 8. Walk into the room and act confused. Say "Oh. This is the first day of school, I thought this was the first day of a eating contest. 9. Bring a doughnut into class. Put your finger in the doughnut hole like you would a ring and eat it like that during class. 10. Run into the classroom 15 minutes late. Act confused and say, "I thought that the class was supposed to be located on Mt. Everest." 11. Bring a bottle of lotion and spread it all over your desk during class. 12. Bring in apple juice and at a completely random time, "accidentally" spill it out on the floor. Say, "Oops. So embarrassing." 13. At a completely random time, shout, "Where's the bacon!" Claim that the teacher is supposed to make the class bacon. 14. If you are in an art school or in an art class, get some paint out and try to paint on everything. 15. Ask if we are going over anything involving aliens. 16. In the middle of class, ask if you and the entire class can head over to McDonald's to try the new McNuggets. Say that chicken nuggets are important. 17. At a completely random time, get up and walk around to the classroom going on about how "awesome" you are. 18. Try to balance a pencil on your nose. 19. Bring in some cups and try to stack them during class. 20. Here is a classic idea; make paper airplanes and fly them during class. 21. In the beginning of class, ask if the class can watch 1,000 Ways To Die before going over the syllabus. 22. Bring in a chocolate bunny and play with it during class. If the teacher confiscates it, shout "No! My bunny!" 23. Bring air refresher into class and spray it at random intervals.\ 24. If you have a Facebook, walk into the room and say how people can act so ridiculous on Facebook during the summer. Say that you remember a post of someone saying, "So and so did this ludicrous thing to make them seem like they are growing up faster then they really are." Mumble under your breath,"My, God!" Real life chatting is so much cooler and ask the people in the room to raise their hand if they agree with you. 25. Bring a potato into class and run around the room shouting, "Ahh! Hot potato! Hot potato!"

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