Sunday, June 23, 2013

Funny Things To Do Online

It has been a while since I posted anything on here. I'm back. There you are, surfing the web and you really don't know what to do. Have you ever ran into this situation? If you answered yes, here is a list of 20 things that you can do to avoid boredom online in the future. 1. If you have a Tumblr or Twitter, start following random people and start asking them weird questions. 2. Post a comment on a random YouTube video about the "good old days" of the Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style and stuff from the past. 3. Post on Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. that Christmas might be coming early this year. 4. If you make YouTube videos, make a video of yourself playing Twister and have Gentleman" playing in the background. 5. Ask one of your online friends on how to make a baloney sandwich. 6. If someone on YouTube is being a troll, ask a bunch on nonsense/weird questions such as: "Are you purple or blue?" 7. Photoshop one of your pets and make a blog about that him/her. Give the Photoshopped pet character an identity and start making memes. 8. If you hear about like the past this and the past that, comment, "THIS IS SO OVERRATED!" 9. If you are reading a blog, start making random comments that are not even related to the blog's subject. 10. Comment on a random YouTube wall about My Little Pony. 11. Have a conversation with yourself on YouTube. 12. On a random YouTube video, comment "Why isn't Grumpy Cat in this video?" 13. Randomly start talking about a very little known restaurant online. 14. On a cat video, comment, "Why can't ALL these cats be purple?" 15. On a YouTube video, if someone tells you off in mean way, tell that person that Grumpy Cat is moving in with him/her. 16. Comment that you are dreaming of a ham sandwich. 17. Make request songs for Weird Al Yanklovic. 18. If you see this comment that is everywhere: "Like if you still are listening to this in 2013!" on a song from a couple years ago. Comment back: "WOW! Big friggin' deal! This song is only like 2-3 years old! 19. Make a webcam video of yourself staring intently at the camera for 5 minutes. During that time say that you see weird colors on screen. 20. Randomly comment an old meme saying on YouTube.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Funny Things to do When You Are Alone in Your Dorm Room

You just got out of your classes and all of your other friends are in class and you have tons of homework that you know you should be doing but decide to put off and don't know what else to do. If this situation sounds familiar to you, here is a list of 26 things that you can do to avoid being bored. 1. Run into your shower and take a shower completely clothed. 2. If your dorm has a window, put crazy signs in the window saying "Free Pizza" and other things. 3. Leave the door wide open and proceed to do your things as normal. If anyone mentions anything, say that the door opened by itself. 4. Spray as many air refreshers, colognes, perfumes, deodorants, etc. as possible. 5. If you have any paper menus or internet access in your room, order as much Papa John's, Chinese, etc. as you please. 6. Turn the shower on and constantly keep it running. 7. Play music as loud as you can. If anyone knocks on your door, say, "Ready to party?" 8. Try to switch sides with your roommate while he/she is in class. 9. If you still have lights from Halloween, Christmas, etc. plug them in and turn out the regular lights. Put up a sign saying "Light show." 10. Make a fortress out of your bed. Put tape on the floors saying that one side of the tape is your "kingdom" while the other side is your roommate's "kingdom." 11. Move your sheets and pillows into the bathroom and try to sleep in the bathtub for a night. 12. Take a nap in your roommate's bed while he/she is in class. Make sure to get out by the time they come back. 13. Put shaving cream all over the the mirrors in the bathroom. If your roommate mentions anything, say that the shaving cream can had a major leak all over the mirror. 14. If you have the room assistant's phone number, call them if you can paint the walls in your room. 15. Put ketchup all over the table and on yourself to look like you had a major accident with a pair of scissors. If your roommate freaks out shout, "Ha Ha! Got you!" 15. Set a bunch of things in the middle of your dorm room and say that your are trying to re-create The Great Wall right in your room. 16. Play an album of Hillbilly music and keep on playing it until your roommate comes back. 17. "Accidentally" spill water all over the floor and claim that some natural force made you do it. 18. If you still have make-up from Halloween. Put blue make-up all over your face. If your roommate walks in and wonders what is going on, shout "The Smurf is back!" 19. Grab pieces of paper and start drawing random things. Tape the pictures all over the walls. 20. If you are a girl, find a tampon and paint it with red nail polish. Place it in a random spot. If your roommate finds it, say that you did not know where that came from. 21. Place condiment packets in random spots in your room. When your roommate comes in, convince him/her that they just came randomly showed up. 22. Place your hands and feet out the door at random intervals. If anyone is wandering what you are doing, say that you are practicing your rhythm dance. 23. Slam the doors numerous times. If someone says anything, say that there is an unexplained thing in your room that is trying to slam the doors at random times. 24. Turn the thermostat all the way up or turn it all the way down. 25. Wrap tape around your hands (sticky side up) and try to tape yourself to random things. 26. If you have a microwave, try to microwave random things or keep it running for a while. If your roommate is wandering what is going on, say that you are working on an experiment.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Funny Things to do During the Christmas Season

It is the Christmas season and you are shopping for presents, decorating the house, and visiting people. For some reason, this Christmas season seems a little ho-hum to you this year. Does this sound like you? If you answered yes, here is a list of 30 things that you can do to brighten your holiday season. Merry Christmas! 1. While decorating the house, stand in the yard and pretend to be a part of the Christmas decor. 2. If you are in the car doing Christmas shopping, address that there is a Christmas tree man walking outside. 3. Ask if Santa will actually come down the roof this year. 4. In the car at a random time blurt out that you want to be a reindeer. 5. If you are visiting relatives, ask if you want to sneak a hippopotamus into the house the night before Christmas. 6. Play some Christmas music and throw a fit while playing the music. 7. On a random day, paint yourself green and walk into the living room. If anyone asks, say that you are trying out for the role for the Grinch. 8. Ask if there really is a Christmas menace. 9. Sneak out of the house and go to the store. Come back two hours later with as much eggnog and candy canes as you can carry. 10. At a completely random time during a trip, say that you forgot the candy canes at home and convince everyone else in the car that this is a crime and will going to museum jail. 11. Tell someone that there was a Christmas movie is about to come on. When they actually see the movie, it turns out to be a introduction to a video game. 12. Late at night, if you see a shadow of the Christmas tree, convince whoever is with you that you are seeing an apparition of a plant that was here long ago. 13. In the middle of the night, wake up holding blankets with you while you run. Start screaming and shout "Christmas monster!" 14. Spray food scented air refreshers throughout the house and convince everybody that invisible elves are cooking for them. 15. Say that you want to change your name to Butters one day. 16. Put a pair of cooking mitts on your feet and tell everyone about your "new boots." 17. Ask if you could have a pet reindeer. 18. When you are decorating the house, shout "Gingerbread men are trying to take over the world!" 19. Put fake reindeer antlers on your pets. 20. If you have a cat that is in a hissy mood, tell him/her that he/she is catching Grinchcitis. 21. If you have a pet, make them dance and put on Christmas music. Tell them to get down to the gingerbread beat. 22. Try to wrap yourself,other people, and/or random objects in gift wrapping. 23. Ask if you could Christmas carol around the neighborhood in a swimsuit. 24. Suggest that the ham be colored green and red. Threaten not to eat the ham if it is not colored green and red. 25. At a completely random time, shout "Christmas Tree Sandwich time!" 26. While decorating the house, say that you want mistle toe everywhere. 27. Try to jump rope with the lights. 28. Ask if your house could have tons and tons of Christmas trees. 29. The night before Christmas, ask if you can give Santa 100 cookies. 30. If you are traveling to a relative's place, address that there is a moving snowman outside.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Funny Things to do During Thanksgiving

I know it's been a little while since I have made any posts on my this blog. I know Thanksgiving is coming around the bend and you will be hanging around friends and family and it seems like you are doing the same things every year and you want to spice things up this year. Does this sound like you? If you answered yes, here are some things that you can do to make an interesting Thanksgiving. 1. At the dinner, ask if everyone could have dessert first. 2. After the dinner, tell everyone to meet you at Target, Wal-Mart, etc. for the shopping after-party. 3. When the turkey comes out, ask if you can have some fish on the side. 4. Play some loud music before the dinner and declare the whole day as party time (preferably something like Gangnam style or LMFAO). 5. Ask if you can make a sandwich 2 minutes before the big dinner. 6. If you still have left over make-up from Halloween, put it all over your face to look like Santa Claus. Collect some holiday bells. When you reach the area where you will be having your dinner. Shout "Ho! Ho! Ho!" just like Santa and ring the jingle bells. 7. Ask if you can everyone could have their dinner sitting on the floor. 8. Before the dinner, run out like a crazy person. If someone comes after you, say that the turkey is coming to get you. 9. At the dinner if your guests or the people you are visiting puts marshmallows on their sweet potatoes, ask if they want some graham crackers and chocolate to go with them. 10. If a pet comes over to the table, say that they are part of the family too. 11. At a completely random time, say "I'm not ready for cookies." 12. Ask if someone to make a HUGE monster pumpkin pie for the Thanksgiving feast. 13. In the middle of the dinner, ask if anyone wants to go to the Krusty Burger that night. 14. When the dinner is over, ask if next year if they want to go overkill on the food, bring huge things of food, blood sausage, and a ridiculously big turkey. 15. Overlap your things of cranberry sauce and try to make art with them. Take a picture and eat it. 16. During the dinner, say that you feel like something or someone is missing. Shout out "A chewbacca!" 17. Go around in a scary Halloween mask and startle everyone there. 18. During the dinner, ask everyone what they would be like if they were a reindeer. 19. At a completely random time, excuse yourself from dinner. Three minutes later shout "My nose is glowing like Rudolph's!" 20. Ask if next year this Thanksgiving dinner could have a clown-theme. 21. Knock on the table and continue doing it and say that it was not you. 22. When everyone is complimenting the food, say it is good and mumble under breath a sarcastic "Everyone's a critic." 23. Sit completely still for a few minutes. When someone comes around, start moving to startle them. 24. Walk outside and disappear. An hour later walk back in and say that you went to No Land. 25. Ask if everyone could watch football after the meal. Casually say that you think their favorite team is going to win.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Funny Things To Do on an October Weekend

Summer is over, the back-to-school rush is over; you notice that it is getting cooler outside, the leaves are changing and Halloween is coming around the bend, and you now even have to put on a jacket to go outside. Yes, it is that time of the year again and you are tired of the same-old-same-old things that you do on a fall weekend. Does this sound like a familiar statement? If you answered yes to this question, then here is a list of 25 things that you can do to spice up your October weekends. 1. Walk around your house/dorm in your Halloween costume and shout, "Party time!" 2. If you live in a dorm, ago out and buy a ton of Halloween lights and even get colored lights for your lamps. Put the lights all over your room. If your roommate mentions anything, say, "Just doing a little decorating." 3. Bring a pumpkin into the house/dorm and put it in the bathtub. If anyone mentions anything, say, "Mr. Jack-o-lantern needed to take a bath." 4. Try walking outside in a swimsuit at 3 AM. Walk out shouting things like, " I can see you but, you can't see me!" 5. Get some hair spray paint and spray your hair. If anyone says anything, say, "Like my new 'do? It just came fresh from the rainbow." 6. If you are in a middle of a homework session, at a completely random time, shout, "Mommy, there is an alien dressed like a hippie in my closet!" 7. Cover your head with your jacket and convince other people that you have on a colorful ghost hat. 8. Ask if you can go switch Halloween and Thanksgiving around. 9. Wander what you would look like with green skin. 10. At a Halloween store, ask the store employees if you would look better dressed up as a cheeseburger or a lobster. 11. If you happen to be in a Halloween store, put on a hat and run around the store like a lunatic. 12. Put in vampire teeth, hide somewhere and then when you see somebody; sneak behind them and try to bite him/her. 13. Walk out of your house/dorm and say to whoever happens to be there that you think you see a ghost. 14. Quietly walk 3-6 feet behind someone. Get about a foot away from him/her and shout, "Boo! I got you!" 15. Ask what it would be like if pumpkin flavored potato chips actually existed. 16. When you are eating dinner, when nobody is looking, hide your food under the table. If anyone asks, say, "Frankenstein took your dinner." 17. If you are in a closet, open the door and slam it shut. Repeat until someone tells you to stop. 18. At 1 AM, walk into your kitchen and open all the cabinets and drawers. Leave them like that until morning. 19. If you are in a dorm, ask your RA if you can bring a dragon inside your room for decorating your room. 20. If you have any pets, ask someone if you could paint them Halloween colors or dress them up. 21. Paint yourself with orange and black paint. Try to go out in public with the paint on you. 22. Paint scary messages on your windows with window paint like, "Watch out! Satan is going to get you!" 23. Grab an apple out of the refrigerator. Try to carve the apple the same way you would a pumpkin. 24. Put on your Halloween costume. Shout, "I am ready to head to Wal-Mart!" 25. Run outside and shout that you are a chewbacca in disguise.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Funny Things To Do on Labor Day Weekend

It's Labor Day; that means that summer is almost over. You will now have to trade in swimming in the pools, lakes, lying out in the sun, hot weather, etc. for autumn leaves, Halloween, pumpkins, cool weather, etc. You maybe doing something for Labor Day; if you are NOT, here is a list of 18 things to do to make your Labor Day exciting rather than blah. 1. Ask someone if they would like a scarecrow painted on their wall. 2. Cook tons of food and if anyone wonders; say that you are having a "Me Labor Day" party. 3. Ask someone if you could go to Wal-Mart to look at the weird people. 4. Act like Garfield and sleep and at a completely random time; sing loudly, "Get up! Get up! Get up and shake your napkin!" 5. At midnight after Labor Day, shout, "Bye summer! Hello Autumn!" Start dancing like a lunatic. 6. If you have a Facebook, post that you will be inviting Madonna over to your house to do a concert. 7. Get sheets of paper and trace your feet around the paper. Cut out the tracings. If the paper is white, color them a weird color and put them around your house. If anyone asks, say the "Labor Day Man" did it. 8. At a completely random time, walk in the living room with pots and pans. Bang on the pots and pans. 9. Go outside and lie in the sun for one last time this summer. Lather yourself with conditioner. 10. Heat up some hot chocolate. Drink some of it and get a straw and blow bubbles with the straw. When you are done blowing bubbles, drink the rest of the hot chocolate. 11. Announce to everyone that you are starting your countdown to Christmas and there will be a Chewbacca will be helping you. 12. At a completely random time, start doing disco moves and singing the Narwhales song. 13. Ask someone if it's Labor Day, why are the leaves still green? 14. Announce to everyone that you are going to make a sandwich and eat it on the rug. 15. Bring out the Christmas Tree. If anyone wonders why you are bringing out the Christmas tree so early, say, "Nothing wrong with starting early!" 16. Ask if you could buy some whipped cream and pie pans to do a pie-in-the-face. 17. Jump in the pool in your every day clothes. 18. The night before Labor Day, say that the oven in this house is haunted. When you go bed, wake up at 1:30 am to "sleep walk" to the stores and make the food. Go back to bed 3 hours later. When you wake up in the morning, wake up and wonder how the food got to your kitchen.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Funny Things To Do at Petsmart

Have you ever went to Petsmart and was looking for something or was with someone else at Petsmart and did not know what to do with yourself? If you answered yes to this question; here are 25 things that you can do to stay entertained. 1. Go near the section where you can adopt the cats. Try to hypnotize the cat with your finger. 2. Try to talk to the animals. 3. If you see any goldfish, try to imitate them. 4. Go to the pet salon area and demand that EVERY pet in the store gets a free haircut. 5. Play with the cats' and dogs' toys. 6. Play Peek-a-Boo with the gerbils. 7. Say to the parrot on sale and ask, "Do want to come with me? I will let you eat a nice, juicy sandwich on the rug." Wait until the parrot repeats your phrase. 8. Ask the cashier if they have merchandise to take care of Santa Claus' reindeer. 9. Go into the cats' aisle. At a completely random time, go crazy and throw cat treat bags all over the store. Yell "No more cat treats! The world is doomed!" 10. Ask the cashier if they have whipped cream for cats. 11. Look at the lizards and reptiles on sale and say "I'm sexy and I know it." 12. Get a pet post card and walk around with it on your head. 13. Yell, " I have three wishes! One, all pets can write! Two. A bagel. Three. For every cat in the store to simultaneously hiss at the same time!" 14. Try to disturb the napping animals. 15. Try to sneak the kitty litter boxes into the bathrooms. 16. Sit on the cat and dog beds. 17. Throw all the hair/fur products on the floor. Yell, " We animals don't need this crap to stay clean! We got our tongues and other natural instincts to stay clean!" 18. Climb up on the pet ladders. 19. With all the aquarium and turtle supplies, make your own village in that aisle. 20. Ask if you could buy EVERY single fish in the store. 21. Ask the cashier if animals are allowed to eat bagels. 22. Yell, " I want that cat! In there! In there!" If the people at the store refuse, threaten to break the glass so you could get the cat inside. 23. Wander what it would be like if Petsmart and Quick Trip were combined together. 24. At a completely random time, start running. If anyone is wandering why you are running, say, "I am trying to catch my chewbacca that is now in the dogs' department." 25. Ask an employee if you are allowed to feed the animals any "people food."