Monday, July 2, 2012

Funny Things To Do on The 4th of July

It is the 4th of July and you are watching fireworks, at a BBQ, etc. and it seems like it is the same thing every year. If you want to do something crazy at your fireworks, BBQ, etc; here is a list of 25 things that you can do this 4th of July to spice up the 4th of July tradition. 1. If you are at a firework show, bring some books. Pretend to fall asleep while waiting for the show and put them on your face. 2. If you are at a BBQ, bring a crazy outfit. Run to the bathroom and put on the crazy outfit and run out to the BBQ and dance like a lunatic. For ideas on crazy outfits, try googling "weird people in Wal-Mart." 3. If you are in a truck, stand up in the truck bed and shout "I'm on top of the world!" 4. During a BBQ and/or firework show, randomly start doing disco. 5. Begin a conversation about what you would do in the life of Yoda. 6. If you are at a BBQ, when no one is looking, take someone's glass and hide it. If anyone asks, say "The fairies took it!" 7. Make food art. 8. Shout at a completely random time, "Eight days until Christmas in July!" and start hohohoing like Santa Claus. 9. Take red and blue markers and glitter and start drawing on yourself and putting glitter on yourself. If anyone asks, say, "I'm getting ready!" 10. Sing White Christmas all except replace Christmas with pizza. One of the lyrics will go "I'm dreaming of a white pizza, not like the ones I used to know" for an idea on how to start. 11. Argue with someone that pencils can stand up. 12. If you have any glow sticks, put one on your head and say "Zeus is here!" 13. If you are feasting in the truck before the fireworks, announce that you see something crazy in the sky. Say "Way up there!" 14. If you are wearing a bracelet, put on your head and say, "This is my crown!" 15. Start thumb wrestling with yourself and argue with yourself that you will win no way around it. 16. If you are at a BBQ, insist that next year you are bringing porkrinds to cook for the BBQ and enough cookies for everyone to have 100 of them. 17. Randomly shout "Every time is a good time!" Start dancing like a crazy person that has been having way too much fun that evening. 18. If you have a sock puppet, take it everywhere you go and narrate the night through your puppet. If your puppet does not have a name give it something crazy like "Funsize." 19. If you have any bouncy balls, bring some with you and make them bounce at completely random times. If some asks, say "These round eggs have a mind of their own." 20. If you have more than one light stick, start a Jedi fight with someone. 21. Complain that you are in Nowhere Land and complain that event is nothing. Midway through the rant, bust out laughing like a crazy person. 22. If you still have silly bands, bring them with you and put them on top of your food. Once they are on your food, say "Look at those hungry bands getting at my food." 23. Make silly YouTube videos of the event. 24. If the fireworks come on, say "Make a wish. The light explosion is upon us." 25. Put on lots of crazy 4th of July make-up. If anyone notices your make-up, say "Thank you and I plan on doing my make-up like Kiss next year all except red, white, and blue.

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